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Are you sitting in your chair at this exact moment thinking, “I really should go workout, but I just don’t have any time.” Well, in the health and fitness this idea plagues many people. Let me break it down in mathematical terms how little time a workout takes up of your day. If you workout for one hour during the course of a day you have literally spent 4% of the day working out. Guess what? To get a proper workout in every day you don’t even have to spend that much time.

Be creative! You don’t have to travel to a gym and pay membership to achieve fitness. Honestly, you don’t have to leave the living room where you watch TV. If you have a show that you just can’t miss, but you sit on the couch and snack on a bit of junk food. It’s time to toss that junk food aside and start a strength training program right there during your show.

Many of us dream about having fantastic abs. Yet, so many of us neglect cardio work and core work and leave our dream to be a dream. One of the easiest exercises that may be completed while watching your television programs is core work. Crunches, sit-ups, planks, bicycles and so many other exercises can be done while watching your shows.

My suggestion that will take remarkably little of your time are 5-minute abs routines. Pick 5 different core exercise that hit different points in your core and rotate to a new exercise every 30 seconds. This will allow you to do each exercise twice and be over in just 5 minutes. Once five minutes is too easy, you can begin increase time and the amount of exercises you complete.

The key to exercise when time is of the essence is to be creative. Do you routinely drive around a parking lot multiple times in order to find a space that right at the front? Well, stop and take advantage of the time park near the back and use the extra waking. Even better, if you are with a friend of significant other race and see who can get to the doors first. Warning, you may get some funny looks but don’t worry about it. Have fun! Another shortcut that many of us take is elevators for one or two floors. This is the perfect time to take the stairs and work our quads, hamstrings and even our cardiovascular systems.

Many of these steps that have been mentioned don’t take extra time for our day. Instead, it’s making better use of our time and taking advantage of what we have around. Expensive gyms and exercise equipment’s are not necessary for a great workout. Everything that we need is already located in areas that we use on a daily basis. Don’t give up on being fit and stop making excuses. If you dream of being in excellent shape, it is time to chase that dream and make it a reality.