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The 10/10 Transformation program was authored by Chad Waterbury, an expert in body transformation.

This eBook contains all the essential information you need when it comes to training and nutritional guidelines.

The 10/10 concept is based on the goal of shedding off as much as 10 pounds from your body and gaining 10 pounds of muscle instead.

Therefore, it is more than just a weight loss system but also a method for body sculpting – leaving you with the body that most men desire.

After years of experience training actual clients and helping them achieve a well-sculpted body, Waterbury is now incorporating all those training secrets into this eBook, providing a step by step guide for individuals on how they can have their own training program at home – without the cost of hiring a personal trainer.


1. The 10/10 Transformation system is a complete guide that includes a specific training program and nutritional guidelines to ensure that your body sculpting efforts are safe and healthy.

2. Purchasing the eBook for a $19.95 value is more cost-effective as compared to training in the gym and hiring a professional personal trainer.

3. Since it is in eBook format, you can easily download the entire book within minutes and start applying all its contents right away.

4. Chad Waterbury is a certified expert in the field of body transformation. He has already published other successful body transformation books including Muscle Revolution, making him a reputable source of information in this regard.

5. The program is specifically designed for body enhancement and transformation, giving the assurance that you can get the specific results you need.


1. Although it does contain a clear and specific outline of the training method, the lack of an actual professional trainer to guide you might be critical in determining the success of using this method.

This is most especially true for individuals who will try their hand on a workout program for the first time.

2. Trainings described in this program might be too intensive for beginners.


Chad Waterburys the 10/10 Transformation program offers realistic goals with a legitimate method in achieving these goal.

Therefore, this program is a great way to get one started on their fitness and body building goals.

The workout program is clearly established to enable you to perform them on your own at home a lot easier.

With the low price tag and the wealth on information provided, the eBook offers good value for your money as compared to paying high membership fees at the gym or hiring a professional trainer to supervise your training procedures.