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Muscle Fitness: Physical

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September 1, 2017

Seams pretty obvious right, of course good muscle fitness would be included in extreme health and fitness!  Stronger is better right?  True, but muscle fitness is more that just having bulk, its also about flexibility and eating right to avoid muscle injury.  I am not going to into the nutritional side of muscle fitness as I covered that in a previous post, but I will talk about how to build muscle they way you want and how to keep them limber and healthy.

Muscle Fitness: Lets Build

Building muscle is what most people think about when thinking about muscle fitness.  Lift the biggest dumbbell you can manage and walla you’ve started your muscle fitness program.  Of course we know its more complicated than that, but that’s the basic just.  First you have to decide what kind of muscles you want to build, long lean muscles or big bulky muscles.  Most women prefer long lean muscles so they will want to focus more reps (12-15)  with lesser weigh resistance.  However, if you want big and bulky its best to go with less reps more weight (6-10 reps).  So, you’ll want to find work out routines that focus the different muscle groups and meets your muscle fitness goals.  In fact, you may want to find a few of them because you’ll want to mix them up to avoid the plateau effect.

The plateau effect occurs when you muscles get use to the exercises your doing and that rate of your results tends to level off.  To avoid that you’ll need to mix it up.  Programs such as P90x are great for because its all build in.  Tony Horton, creator of P90x, uses muscle confusion to beat the plateau effect increasing your results 3 fold.  Every 3 to 6 weeks your routines change so your muscles don’t have opportunity to get use to routines your doing.

Flexibility and Muscle Fitness

Every muscle fitness plan needs to include a mode to increase flexibility.  Being flexible helps to avoid injury and allows you get a better range of motion increasing your results in your weight training workouts.  Activities such as yoga and Martial Arts are great things to add to your program because both promote muscle strength and flexibility combining both components of muscle fitness.  Again, programs like p90x are great in this aspect because yoga is a component of this program.  Don’t under estimate the power of flexibility.  Rigidity increases the risk of injury.  The more flexible you are less risk you have pulling or straining a muscle.  Hence it importance in muscle fitness.

Muscle Fitness Final Notes

Here are some last few things to consider when building muscle and increasing your muscle fitness.  Get some sleep, Sleeping is key when building muscle as this is the time that your body repairs itself.  You can’t reach extreme health and fitness without sleep.  It is vital for muscle fitness and thus it must not be skipped. Second, set goals, you have to know where your going to get there so set goals and track you results regularly.  I do p90x which has you measuring your muscles and checking fat % every 30 days which works for me.  Lastly if your struggling, get a trainer or fitness coach.  Virtual Tony works for me. I also connect with others at Team Beachbody.  Well, good luck and remember muscle fitness is more than weight lifting, it’s about being flexible too.