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So you want a healthy heart? I will tell you how, but let us first begin by finding out why is it that you think your heart could be in a bad shape.

Are you diabetic?

Do you suffer from hypertension?

Is there a family history of heart diseases?
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Are you overweight?

If your answer to any or all of the above questions is yes, then you’re right… you could be one step, a few inches away from your first heart attack. In this article, I will tell you how you could keep that from happening.

1. Mend your lifestyle: Are you a couch potato? Do you spend all day sitting in front of the computer? Is pizza the way to go when you are working late to meet that deadline? Well, things have got to change.

Couch potatoes, get a life. If you can’t, then go get a dog. Take the dog for walk, run behind your dog like your life depends on it. The dog will adore you for being so playfull. The extra layer of fat will start melting away. Stick to the practice. It is bound to work.

Now, I could be sympathetic to those who spend all day working in front of a computer. I know, the work pressure is terrible, but would it kill ya to get up every now and then and take a walk around the office? If it does, how can you fault poor heart attack. That’s the disease that was born with the fangs to rip your heart off… not your work! From time to time, you can tryout some of the exercises shown in the video below. You can carry them out from your seats and they can work wonders for your heart!

2. Reset your clock: I know it is tempting, but then you’re the one who’s got to decide what the priority is: watch the late night edition of CSI or keep your heart healthy. That’s right. Obviously you are thinking from your head, and not from your heart. Now, if you cannot give CSI the miss, then a good idea would be to get Tivo. Whatever you do, make sure you go to sleep early and get up from your sleep early enough.

What’s early enough? Early enough to go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood in the morning without having to worry about dust, heat and pollution. Walk for 15 minutes the first week, then keep adding 5 minutes to the routine every week. Stop the addition and stabilize at 40 minutes as day when you get there.

Walk at your briskest pace. Take a pulse while walking. You will see it go crazy for the first few days, after which it will steadily normalize. That is because walking strengthens your heart muscles.

3. Find something new to eat: You’ve got to lay off that pizza. There are so many healthy food options available for you. Give them a try. You can begin with our very own Weight Watcher’s diet companion package which has hundredes of delicious but healthy recipes to try from. You may also like to try the Wonderslim weight loss kits from Diet Direct. I would highly recommend both these products.

Get a heart-safe cooking medium like Saffola, or switch to a lighter sunflower oil for cooking. Try out probiotic desserts that gives you the taste and keeps you healthy at the same time. Last, but not the least, supplement your diet with a clinically proven fat binder like Proactol. Proactol prevents up to 28% of the fat that you consume from settling down in your body. Specifically, it keeps your heart from getting choked by fatty sediments.