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How to prevent a heart attack by losing weight

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March 28, 2018

So you want a healthy heart? I will tell you how, but let us first begin by finding out why is it that you think your heart could be in a bad shape.

Are you diabetic?

Do you suffer from hypertension?

Is there a family history of heart diseases?
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Are you overweight?

If your answer to any or all of the above questions is yes, then you’re right… you could be one step, a few inches away from your first heart attack. In this article, I will tell you how you could keep that from happening.

1. Mend your lifestyle: Are you a couch potato? Do you spend all day sitting in front of the computer? Is pizza the way to go when you are working late to meet that deadline? Well, things have got to change.

Couch potatoes, get a life. If you can’t, then go get a dog. Take the dog for walk, run behind your dog like your life depends on it. The dog will adore you for being so playfull. The extra layer of fat will start melting away. Stick to the practice. It is bound to work.

Now, I could be sympathetic to those who spend all day working in front of a computer. I know, the work pressure is terrible, but would it kill ya to get up every now and then and take a walk around the office? If it does, how can you fault poor heart attack. That’s the disease that was born with the fangs to rip your heart off… not your work! From time to time, you can tryout some of the exercises shown in the video below. You can carry them out from your seats and they can work wonders for your heart!

2. Reset your clock: I know it is tempting, but then you’re the one who’s got to decide what the priority is: watch the late night edition of CSI or keep your heart healthy. That’s right. Obviously you are thinking from your head, and not from your heart. Now, if you cannot give CSI the miss, then a good idea would be to get Tivo. Whatever you do, make sure you go to sleep early and get up from your sleep early enough.

What’s early enough? Early enough to go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood in the morning without having to worry about dust, heat and pollution. Walk for 15 minutes the first week, then keep adding 5 minutes to the routine every week. Stop the addition and stabilize at 40 minutes as day when you get there.

Walk at your briskest pace. Take a pulse while walking. You will see it go crazy for the first few days, after which it will steadily normalize. That is because walking strengthens your heart muscles.

3. Find something new to eat: You’ve got to lay off that pizza. There are so many healthy food options available for you. Give them a try. You can begin with our very own Weight Watcher’s diet companion package which has hundredes of delicious but healthy recipes to try from. You may also like to try the Wonderslim weight loss kits from Diet Direct. I would highly recommend both these products.

Get a heart-safe cooking medium like Saffola, or switch to a lighter sunflower oil for cooking. Try out probiotic desserts that gives you the taste and keeps you healthy at the same time. Last, but not the least, supplement your diet with a clinically proven fat binder like Proactol. Proactol prevents up to 28% of the fat that you consume from settling down in your body. Specifically, it keeps your heart from getting choked by fatty sediments.

Buy Phen24

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September 25, 2017

Are you now convinced that Phen24, to most people, is exactly what you need in order to finally gain that fit body you deserve? Then the next step for you is to naturally buy Phen24. However, where is the best place to buy this weight loss product and supplement?

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Before we answer that, allow us to familiarize those who are not yet as knowledgeable about the product and how this can benefit them as well.

The Lowdown on Phen24 Fat Burner

In a nutshell, Phen24 is a weight loss product that aids the body in burning fat at an increased rate without causing adverse risks to one’s health. Each capsule contains powerful weight loss features, such as maximum appetite suppression, increased metabolism and increased energy levels. The overall result, with the regular recommended use of this product, is a weight loss of 3 to 5 pounds per week, with your body being trained to be a fat burning machine 24/7.

Phen24 is FDA approved, taking all the best elements of Phentemine that make it such an effective fat burner and packing it into these capsules for optimal weight loss, no matter who you are and what you do. This makes Phen24 one of the best weight loss supplements in the market.

Where to Buy Phen24

For those wondering where to buy Phen24, here’s our advice: the best place to purchase or order your fat burner pills is from the Official Phen24 Website itself. The reason why we highly recommend just buying from the main website is because you might be able to take advantage of exclusive promos and deals that may only be available to users who buy from the main website. Occasionally, the manufacturers offer the product on limited time only special packages and rates, which may benefit you better if you are ordering in bulk or for other people as well.

Don’t wait until you start disliking the way you look in the mirror before trying Phen24. Order your own personal stock now to see how this amazing fat burner pill can change your life for the better.

Muscle Fitness: Physical

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September 1, 2017

Seams pretty obvious right, of course good muscle fitness would be included in extreme health and fitness!  Stronger is better right?  True, but muscle fitness is more that just having bulk, its also about flexibility and eating right to avoid muscle injury.  I am not going to into the nutritional side of muscle fitness as I covered that in a previous post, but I will talk about how to build muscle they way you want and how to keep them limber and healthy.

Muscle Fitness: Lets Build

Building muscle is what most people think about when thinking about muscle fitness.  Lift the biggest dumbbell you can manage and walla you’ve started your muscle fitness program.  Of course we know its more complicated than that, but that’s the basic just.  First you have to decide what kind of muscles you want to build, long lean muscles or big bulky muscles.  Most women prefer long lean muscles so they will want to focus more reps (12-15)  with lesser weigh resistance.  However, if you want big and bulky its best to go with less reps more weight (6-10 reps).  So, you’ll want to find work out routines that focus the different muscle groups and meets your muscle fitness goals.  In fact, you may want to find a few of them because you’ll want to mix them up to avoid the plateau effect.

The plateau effect occurs when you muscles get use to the exercises your doing and that rate of your results tends to level off.  To avoid that you’ll need to mix it up.  Programs such as P90x are great for because its all build in.  Tony Horton, creator of P90x, uses muscle confusion to beat the plateau effect increasing your results 3 fold.  Every 3 to 6 weeks your routines change so your muscles don’t have opportunity to get use to routines your doing.

Flexibility and Muscle Fitness

Every muscle fitness plan needs to include a mode to increase flexibility.  Being flexible helps to avoid injury and allows you get a better range of motion increasing your results in your weight training workouts.  Activities such as yoga and Martial Arts are great things to add to your program because both promote muscle strength and flexibility combining both components of muscle fitness.  Again, programs like p90x are great in this aspect because yoga is a component of this program.  Don’t under estimate the power of flexibility.  Rigidity increases the risk of injury.  The more flexible you are less risk you have pulling or straining a muscle.  Hence it importance in muscle fitness.

Muscle Fitness Final Notes

Here are some last few things to consider when building muscle and increasing your muscle fitness.  Get some sleep, Sleeping is key when building muscle as this is the time that your body repairs itself.  You can’t reach extreme health and fitness without sleep.  It is vital for muscle fitness and thus it must not be skipped. Second, set goals, you have to know where your going to get there so set goals and track you results regularly.  I do p90x which has you measuring your muscles and checking fat % every 30 days which works for me.  Lastly if your struggling, get a trainer or fitness coach.  Virtual Tony works for me. I also connect with others at Team Beachbody.  Well, good luck and remember muscle fitness is more than weight lifting, it’s about being flexible too.

Buy PhenQ in New Zealand

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August 23, 2017

PhenQ is considered as the best fat burner in the market today. When it comes to weight loss, millions of people worldwide are buying and preferring other people to buy this diet pill. But still there are many people who would like to know why one should Buy PhenQ? Well, the answer to this question lies here.

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With all such powerful aspects the pill is a combination of high quality natural enzymes which helps the body to burn fat in a normal way without causing any side effect to the body. Another reason why so many people prefer to buy this diet pill is that it is approved by the FDA and has passed several clinical tests to eliminate the chances of side effects. This proves that this diet pill is completely safe and don’t have any side effects on the human body.

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The 10/10 Transformation Review

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August 20, 2017

The 10/10 Transformation program was authored by Chad Waterbury, an expert in body transformation.

This eBook contains all the essential information you need when it comes to training and nutritional guidelines.

The 10/10 concept is based on the goal of shedding off as much as 10 pounds from your body and gaining 10 pounds of muscle instead.

Therefore, it is more than just a weight loss system but also a method for body sculpting – leaving you with the body that most men desire.

After years of experience training actual clients and helping them achieve a well-sculpted body, Waterbury is now incorporating all those training secrets into this eBook, providing a step by step guide for individuals on how they can have their own training program at home – without the cost of hiring a personal trainer.


1. The 10/10 Transformation system is a complete guide that includes a specific training program and nutritional guidelines to ensure that your body sculpting efforts are safe and healthy.

2. Purchasing the eBook for a $19.95 value is more cost-effective as compared to training in the gym and hiring a professional personal trainer.

3. Since it is in eBook format, you can easily download the entire book within minutes and start applying all its contents right away.

4. Chad Waterbury is a certified expert in the field of body transformation. He has already published other successful body transformation books including Muscle Revolution, making him a reputable source of information in this regard.

5. The program is specifically designed for body enhancement and transformation, giving the assurance that you can get the specific results you need.


1. Although it does contain a clear and specific outline of the training method, the lack of an actual professional trainer to guide you might be critical in determining the success of using this method.

This is most especially true for individuals who will try their hand on a workout program for the first time.

2. Trainings described in this program might be too intensive for beginners.


Chad Waterburys the 10/10 Transformation program offers realistic goals with a legitimate method in achieving these goal.

Therefore, this program is a great way to get one started on their fitness and body building goals.

The workout program is clearly established to enable you to perform them on your own at home a lot easier.

With the low price tag and the wealth on information provided, the eBook offers good value for your money as compared to paying high membership fees at the gym or hiring a professional trainer to supervise your training procedures.

Choosing the Best Whey Protein For Men

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August 7, 2017

The best whey protein for men is the one that will help you build your muscle mass and lose weight, while remaining healthy and strong. Why are protein supplements so important? Proteins are essential for the body, and most people dont take enough of them through food. This is why taking a supplement might be beneficial, especially for people who undergo a serious physical exercise. However, you dont have to be a body builder or an athlete to find protein supplements beneficial. They are great if you want to build your muscle mass. All the men want to have strong muscles, and even if you dont want to be on a body builder level, whey protein will help you bulk up and be stronger.

If you have a strict workout regime, its good combine it with protein supplements. Supplements have all the essential elements your body needs after a workout. Whey is also beneficial for weight loss. The more muscle mass you get, the better your body shape becomes. You will also burn more fat and lose weight. This way, whey supplements are great for weight management. They can also help you feel stronger and healthier. Just remember: supplements cant be your only meal. You still need to have a balanced diet to keep your body healthy.

There are several things you want from your protein supplements. The best whey protein for men is the one that is high quality and gives good results. The actual brand isnt as important as the way protein works for your body. This is why you should seek for some important qualities before deciding to buy a certain product. In general, these are the qualities of the best whey protein powder for men:

It has good ingredients. Its important to have a balanced mixture of the ingredients in your whey protein supplement. This goes for the essential amino acids, as well as other elements that go into the mixture. Their concentration is also important: look for the nutritional information to see how much of every ingredient is there in your powder. Watch out for the unwanted substances, such as artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame.

Is effective. This is very important. You need your supplements to work. Theres no need of wasting money on the products that does nothing for you. Sometimes, listening to other peoples experiences might help. However, since everybodys different, you might want to try different products until you find the one that gives the best results for you.

Quick results. Good supplements give good results, and they give them soon. While you should never force yourself or overdo the protein intake (this can be dangerous), you want to see the results soon. You need a protein supplement that can work fast. Similarly to the effectiveness, this is a feature you have to try on your own. Try several options until you find the one that suits you and your needs.

Has a good value. Price vs. quality is important. Many people, especially if theyre starting out, dont need the most expensive product on the market. You can usually get a decent product at the affordable price. This is why you should search for the products available and choose the one that is of a good enough quality, but also affordable. This way, you will get a good product without spending a fortune.

With this information in mind, you may start your search for the best whey protein. You need to know that a quality product is a quality product, and it will probably help you reach your goal. Most of the time, you can use general whey protein and achieve good results. However, if youre looking for a muscle advance whey protein, choose the one with a great ratio of protein in the powder. You will need it to build a muscle mass more effectively. On the other hand, the best whey protein forweight loss is the one thats low on carb and sugar. You should avoid artificial sweeteners, though. Fotografia . Just remember, even if you want to lose weight, you will need to take some sugar and carbs, in order to keep your body healthy.

Other than that, choosing the best whey protein is all about finding the product that works for you. Remember, most reputable brands are good to try, so it all depends on your preferences and needs. The best selling muscle building supplements might not be the ones that will bring you the best results. However, its always good to start your search with popular brands and recommended products, since those are the ones people recommend the most. Some of the most popular products include Optimum Nutritions 100% Whey. There are several different products to choose from, as well as different flavors. You may also try Isopure products, especially Zero Carb, which gives positive results for achieving a weight loss. Other brands with good reviews include Dymatize and their whey supplement line, Gaspari Nutrition, EAS products or Allmax. However, other popular brands might also be great for you.

The Most Common Exercise Excuse Debunked

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August 7, 2017

Are you sitting in your chair at this exact moment thinking, “I really should go workout, but I just don’t have any time.” Well, in the health and fitness this idea plagues many people. Let me break it down in mathematical terms how little time a workout takes up of your day. If you workout for one hour during the course of a day you have literally spent 4% of the day working out. Guess what? To get a proper workout in every day you don’t even have to spend that much time.

Be creative! You don’t have to travel to a gym and pay membership to achieve fitness. Honestly, you don’t have to leave the living room where you watch TV. If you have a show that you just can’t miss, but you sit on the couch and snack on a bit of junk food. It’s time to toss that junk food aside and start a strength training program right there during your show.

Many of us dream about having fantastic abs. Yet, so many of us neglect cardio work and core work and leave our dream to be a dream. One of the easiest exercises that may be completed while watching your television programs is core work. Crunches, sit-ups, planks, bicycles and so many other exercises can be done while watching your shows.

My suggestion that will take remarkably little of your time are 5-minute abs routines. Pick 5 different core exercise that hit different points in your core and rotate to a new exercise every 30 seconds. This will allow you to do each exercise twice and be over in just 5 minutes. Once five minutes is too easy, you can begin increase time and the amount of exercises you complete.

The key to exercise when time is of the essence is to be creative. Do you routinely drive around a parking lot multiple times in order to find a space that right at the front? Well, stop and take advantage of the time park near the back and use the extra waking. Even better, if you are with a friend of significant other race and see who can get to the doors first. Warning, you may get some funny looks but don’t worry about it. Have fun! Another shortcut that many of us take is elevators for one or two floors. This is the perfect time to take the stairs and work our quads, hamstrings and even our cardiovascular systems.

Many of these steps that have been mentioned don’t take extra time for our day. Instead, it’s making better use of our time and taking advantage of what we have around. Expensive gyms and exercise equipment’s are not necessary for a great workout. Everything that we need is already located in areas that we use on a daily basis. Don’t give up on being fit and stop making excuses. If you dream of being in excellent shape, it is time to chase that dream and make it a reality.